Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Readings

Currently, Nothing. I am reading absolutely nothing. I wish I could read more. There was a time where I hated reading, but when I read it is a nice, refreshing form of entertainment then watching t.v. or video games. Reading allows you to imagine a whole new world full of wondrous things. Actually, I have to take back what I said. I am reading something just not lengthy. Idk. Anyways, I read manga's, Japanese comic books pretty much. I read Bleach and Naruto every weekend when they update them. It's a way for me to go into my youthful, childish self. I do recommend reading a manga. The Japanese have some really creative ideas. But if I were to recommend something, like a novel, I'd recommend the Harry Potter's if you haven't already read them... or my favorite book The Things They Carried, written by Tim O'brien. Really great book. Well that's it for me. Thanks GUYS! Enjoy my recommendations if you pick them up!


  1. I didn't like reading before either and currently I'm not reading any books unless it's for school. I agree, reading is a good way of entertainment and probably better than watching t.v.

  2. Ooh mangas! haha, I hardly read them, but they're cool(: A friend of mine collects a few and reads majority online. I think it's called MangaFox or something like that, check it out if you haven't already. :]