Friday, March 19, 2010

Can We Truly Be Original

A student turns in their assignment on a book report. The student makes wonderful connections with the book using literary criticism. He receives his report back with an “A” stabbed on the front of his paper, the red ink streaking down the page, and a note reads “Wow! Great connections! I’ve never seen it put that way before!” Proud of his originality, the boy goes home, shows his parents the report and they laugh. “Son,” they both say, “we read that same book years before you were born and noticed the exact same thing in the book.” His parents embraced their son at how proud they were of their similarities they shared with their son, but the boy was crying inside at the truth that he was truly not as original as he had hoped. At that same moment, students, professors and academics are finding out how unoriginal they truly are. Later the boy went up to his room, called his friend to come over, and once his friend did, they proceeded to plan out how they can truly become original. Originality in society is very dangerous; in fact, originality can be very fatal. The boys thought long and hard and when the boys gazed at each other’s eyes, deep down in each others souls, they saw the only possible answer of originality: homosexuality. The first two homosexuals the world has ever seen. In society, people cannot be original; in academics, people cannot be original. If people decide to become original, sprout new and innovated ideas to “improve” life, then society will die down little by little while the world gets taken over by the endangered species, the homosexual human.

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